RO Priest ME builds

Ini Build Priest… English Version sih,,,,
tp klo buat pafa pemula sih aq kira cukup berguna kok…

kalo pengen Build Guides yg laennya tunggu next postingan ajah yah,,,,

ME/Support Build:
Start with 9 INT, 9 DEX, 9 AGI

1+5 STR
9+4 AGI
1+5 VIT
99+5 INT
99+4 DEX
1+7 LUK

Acolyte Skills (Job Level 40):
10 Heal
5 Divine Protection
10 Blessing
10 Increase Agility
1 Aqua Benedicta
1 Ruwach
2 Teleport

Acolyte Skills (Job Level 45):
10 Heal
5 Divine Protection
10 Blessing
10 Increase Agility
1 Aqua Benedicta
1 Ruwach
2 Teleport
4 Warp Portal
1 Pneuma

Priest Skills:
4 SP Recovery
1 Status Recovery
1 Resurrection
3 Impositio Manus
4 Aspersio
3 Sanctuary
1 Safety Wall
5 Lex Divina
1 Lex Aeterna
3 Turn Undead
10 Magnus Exorcismus
3 Magnificat

10 Extra Skill Points

This build relies on getting Magnus Exorcismus to deal with large groups of
evil enemies. This build is the best to MvP certain monsters like Doppelganger,
and Drake. Use the extra skill points to get either Safety Wall or Kyrie
Eleison, or the other buffs, but I’d prefer Safety Wall. As an Acolyte you may
choose to change jobs at job level 45, so you can get Pneuma.


Weapon – Bone Wand, 2-Slot Arc Wand/4-Slot Rod w/ Drops Cards
Helm(Upper) – Slotted Biretta w/ Elder Willow, Mistress or Marduk Card
Helm(Mid) – Slotted Sunglasses/Glasses w/ above cards (if it exists)
Helm(Lower) – Any, or None
Armor – Slotted Saint’s Robe/Slotted Silk Robe w/ Steel Chonchon, Desert Wolf
Puppy Marc, Rocker or PecoPeco Card
Shield – Slotted Buckler w/ Ambernite Card or specific species Card
Garment – Slotted Muffler w/ Raydric Card
Footgear – Slotted Shoes w/ Sohee or Verit Card
Accesories – Earrings, Celebrant’s Mittens, Gloves, Slotted Clip/Earrings/
Gloves w/ Smokie or Phen Card

The Equipment of choice for ME priests are equips that either make ME casting
faster, or making ME more devastating. So focus on either INT or DEX,
depending on your preference and availability of items.

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